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We offer confidence to our clients, with enthusiasm and commitment we exceed their expectations helping them in their businesses and lives. Slogan: Send an ASM


To be the company of urgent transport of reference in Spain.


Illusion: Our day to day life is joyful and positive. We overcome the challenges we face with enthusiasm and with the security of providing a professional service that helps individuals and companies achieve goals.

Commitment: We seek the complete satisfaction of our clients and commit ourselves with our actions to exceed their expectations. We are responsible for what we do and we assume the results to remain protagonists of what happens to us.

Pride of Membership: We are pleased to work at ASM. We feel that our effort and dedication have a clear and defined objective. We see ASM as part of our lives and we feel involved in its successes and achievements.

Overcoming: We are demanding with our processes and our work. We seek excellence through continuous improvement in all the professional fields of which we participate.

Honesty: Our actions are based on personal honesty. We are whole and we act to build the best relationships with our environment. We are humble, transparent and honest in all our communications.